Oh Deer!

Calfornia Wildlife Center is currently caring for five orphaned Mule Deer fawns, and they are eating us out of house and home! As they grow, they eat more and more every day. As infants, they received a specialized deer fawn formula and goat milk. They are now transitioning to browse (leaves and branches), and their diet is subsidized with a feed pellet specific to browsers. We will have them for another three months. Please donate today to help us keep them fed and growing so they can return to the wild, healthy and ready to live out the rest of their lives!

Your donation will also cover medical care received by the fawns. They arrived suffering from a stomach virus, which required medication to treat. One of the fawns had an eye injury that staff helped heal; another had bent legs, which were corrected through splints and bandages; while another needed antiparasitic medication.

Donate below to support CWC's care of these Deer fawns. You may also Sponsor a Fawn and receive a personalized certificate, photo, and fact sheet. They make great gifts! Click here to Sponsor a Fawn.

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